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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


January is nearly over, so I'll share with you guys a somewhat related video. I watched this quite a while back, but I just watched it for the second time today and it hit me harder than it did the last time. I guess I just didn't fully understand what he was saying the first time.

This video may go against your beliefs, so don't take it personally. But if you're like me and don't believe much of anything, this might be right up your alley. Particularly near the end when he says "What gives us any ghost of a notion that we're here, except by contrast with the fact that we once weren't?" I had never thought of it like that before, and for me that raises the question...would we realize we exist if death did not?

Just how much do we think we know only from the contrast of an opposite existing? There's a massive number of questions to ask, and if you're not firmly grounded in any belief (including science), there's hardly any answers. It's frustrating, and that's why we will be quick to follow the notion of certainty, even if it could be completely false.

"In the West, we inherit the idea of Law from those ancient conceptions of God, and it is even passed down into science where we discuss Laws of Nature. But one recognizes more and more in the sciences that what we call Laws of Nature are simply observed regularities in the way things behave." -Alan Watts

I hope that gave you some food for thought.


  1. I have the same belief that when a person die, he simply stops existing. Everything started with the void, thus everything will return to the void.

  2. Death is only scary for people who haven't accepting Jesus into their lives yet.

  3. Nice community of like minded individuals. Have to admit I'm surprised. I also agree that when u die nothing will happen. When you pass away its lights out, just like turning off the television. Boom, done. Ty. I hope so anyway. I don't want to go anywhere and do anything when i die. To not exist anymore will be lovely after this, no more worry, no more bull$h!t. Let us pray to Jeebus that this is the way of the universe. XD.