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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here's a few things I made out of the blue on this neat page:

I'm not much of an artist as you can see, but you can do some pretty cool stuff with it. Thanks to whoever made it. Enjoy!

I'll see you all in 2012.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Yay holidays, I hope everyone is having a good time and your Christmas trees have tons of presents under them! I love snow (hate cold weather) but unfortunately it hardly ever snows where I live, so if you have snow, you better go build a snowman or make some snow angels or something.

Actually a snowball fight tournament sounds good, have one of those. Make up your own rules and the last man standing gets a snowman built for them and named after them, nice prize right?

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE! Cheer here, cheer there, cheer everywhere!

Let's hear what presents you got in the comments, or what you gave to others!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


My apologies for not posting this past week, I've been in a bit of a creative slump and haven't had much to talk about. Around a week ago I took my broken Nintendo Wii to a place around here to have them send it in for repair, but I haven't heard back from them yet. I'm hoping they can repair it without a format of the system, which would delete the SNES games I bought for it in the online store.

Nintendo, you suck for me even having to worry about that. Please implement a solution for that type of situation, having to rebuy the games is stupid. (Hint: individual accounts with passwords that show your purchase history with an option for re-downloading purchases made in the online store.) I don't want to trouble myself to make a huge deal about it with some (probably futile) phone call or e-mail.

I'm also waiting on a couple of computer parts to arrive so a friend and I (with the help of another friend) can start putting a new computer together. Right now neither my desktop nor my laptop are capable of playing something like Skyrim or Fallout 3 and I really want to play those.

That's about it for now, thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baoding Balls

I had only heard of these neat things recently, when a friend of mine told me about them. They're called Baoding Balls and often referred to as Chinese meditation balls, Chinese exercise balls, etc. You don't throw them or bounce them though, you spin them around in your hand. I'll type out the description on the card they came with.

"The Chinese exercise balls are designed for the exercise of hands, which could improve hand dexterity and strength, as well as strengthen the nervous and circulatory systems. Directions: Rotate the pair of balls in the palm of the hand with the movement of the fingers, and gradually increase the size of the balls or the number of balls."

Refer to this video to see someone really good with them:

Note: That takes a ton of practice. (and it's not me)

Anyway, you can get them with different designs on eBay for around 8-10 bucks if you're interested. If you get some though be careful not to drop them on a hard surface, the paint could chip off or the ball could get a dent. If you're completely broke, you can use billiard balls to do the same thing.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cat Crazy (2)

Here's some more cat pictures for all the cat fans out there. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm on my computer when I hear my cat throwing up, so I get up and turn the light on to watch. As I stand there appreciating the process of her creating the vomit pile, she gives an encore and starts another smaller less impressive one. After finishing, she stares at it and I stare at her. I pretend that she feels bad for making a mess on my floor, so I pet her a couple of times to let her know that it's alright.

Being that I'm a person who doesn't want vomit relaxing and sipping on some juice on my floor, I decide to clean it up. So I wander out into the hallway headed towards our backdoor to let my cat out in case she decides to have another round. It's dark and I can barely see, but I successfully let the cat out. I'm on my happy way to the paper towels until I smell something and feel my house shoes sliding in a manner that suggests fecal matter is having trouble deciding which surface to stick to.

I look back towards the backdoor and see some darker shapes among the floor in the dark. After turning on the light, you can imagine my response to the dog crap on the floor.


Cat Crazy

A couple of photos I took the same day as my cat in the tree blog post. Brix isn't really looking at the camera, but I think her white color with the green in the picture go really well together. Maybe some of you cat lovers out there can appreciate the pictures!

Here's to the first installment of what will henceforth be known as Cat Crazy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Aniwho? Anime!

Kirara doll
Ayanami Rei poster

Sorry for the late post, just got home. While at the mall away from home I decided to buy a couple of things, since the stores there are much nicer than around here. I'm gonna have to start saving up money specifically for shopping at the stores there...

Pictures of the things I purchased posted above.

I will resume posting once every few days now, maybe a bit more depending on how much I have to talk about. My friend and I finished Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last night, was a great game as expected. My Wii is sorta broken so I'm stuck with playing my PS2...still trying to finish Persona 3. Anyway thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frosty Web

Not much to talk about lately, this week I'm at a friend's house watching him play through Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. Admittedly that's probably worth a post of its own so I may or may not write a bit about it in the near future. We had lunch at Frontera yesterday, it's a Mexican restaurant and their food was great. I'd recommend trying it out if you have one in your area...not sure if it's a here-only type of deal.

Anyway, it's the beginning of December and we are nearing the end of the year. I love the names of the last three months of the year...October, November, December. They just sound so cool for some reason. The names of the rest of the months aren't too bad either. I associate December with snow and Christmas, so I thought it was fitting to post a picture of a really big frost covered spider web shown to me by my friend Coty. Reminds me of Charlotte's Web now that I think about it.

Thanks for reading and here's to a great month for everyone!