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Monday, January 9, 2012


I watched this 2008 documentary after a recommendation from a friend, and if you couldn't tell from the title it's about the debt crisis in America. I had done a bit of research about the problem prior to watching this, so I didn't take much away from the documentary. However, if you're unfamiliar with the inefficiency permeating through-out the US government and especially surrounding our budget --then you should probably give this a watch. Might be a wake-up call for some people out there.

As grim as the debt problem was at the time of this documentary, it has now gotten twice as bad. Many people aren't sure at this point if we can even pull ourselves out of the debt problem, or how to go about doing so. Ron Paul may have some feasible ideas, but without the full cooperation of those opposing him (and there are many), it may be a lost cause. I don't know how this debt scenario is going to pan out, but it probably isn't going to be pretty.

This movie is available for instant streaming on Netflix.


  1. It's not a truly lost cause, we just need to stop it from growing, and have our politicians grow up. Democrats spend that's true, but Republicans are just as bad when they don't care if the Army buys a truck load of $88 million dollar helicopters they didn't need or another pricey nuclear warhead we'll have to dismantle decades later.

    Last time I checked the debt was something at 100% to 120% of the GDP, which is a similar number to what it was after World War II. Except Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, and Carter managed to shred numbers off it pretty decently. It wasn't until the Reagan days where the United States became more of a borrowing nation than a nation that lends out money.

    One of the funny things I've seen is that Japan is at 200% of the GDP in debt, and yet they lended us almost as much China has. How does that work out? Where is the magic money coming from really?

    If we can get our numbers down to 40% then we'd be in great shape. Also a fun fact: Andrew Jackson is the only president to fully pay off the national debt.

  2. Honestly speaking, I don't know anything about this political debts or whatever.

  3. I did like this documentary. I saw it a few months ago so I don't remember to much. Nice recap.