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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Universal Scale

Have been spending quite a bit of time at the Khan Academy, the Astronomy videos are pretty fascinating to me. I would also recommend the brain teaser videos, if you want to go crazy trying to think of a solution for a day or two (or however long it takes you). I didn't, so I just ruined all the fun and watched the solution immediately after the problem.

Found a neat thing while watching Astronomy videos though, so I figured I'd share it for those of you interested in this type of stuff. It's a type of scale showing how big and small things are compared to each other in the Universe, but I'm no expert so I can't say how accurate it is. In the grand scheme of things though, ants and us are basically the same size.

Maybe something to think about the next time we feel like killing them. Who knows, there may be creatures out there who wouldn't think twice about smashing us either.

Anyway, here's the link so you can try it out:

Credit goes to the creators, Cary and Michael Huang.


  1. Interesting indeed. Since we don't have the technology to travel to other galaxies yet, I wonder how they theorize the whole thing.

  2. Now this - this is very fascinating and exciting. Khan Academy is my favourite website every by the way! The thing they are doing is inspiring and honorable. Oh, and you must check out the Future Timeline website if you like this kind of stuff - I found it very time consuming.

  3. Even though I already knew a bit about this stuff... mind = blown