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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gun Show

Went to the local gun show today around noon, wanted to see if anything jumped out at me. The cost of admission was $8, but it wasn't really worth it. It was small as far as gun shows go, and extremely crowded; you couldn't move and look around comfortably at all. I expected some huge place you could wander around for hours and hours that had everything (I have heard some gun shows are like this), what I got was significantly less.

I didn't get any guns, just a few melee weapons (guess they're legal to at least keep at your house here if they're selling them) and a decent knife. I couldn't decide for certain what kind of gun I wanted anyway, so I guess it's better that I just kept my money for now. I'll look for another means of purchasing a gun since the gun shows here are pretty abysmal.

Anyway, to mostly U.S. residents, what kind of guns do you own? Do you have a favorite? I personally only have a single-shot interchangeable .22 short rifle and .410 bore shotgun, but it's better than nothing I suppose. Hoping to get at least one more sometime soon.


  1. Gun shows really aren't the best places to go when looking to buy a gun; they're mostly marked up above market value. I suggest looking around in the local classifieds, or seeing if there's a website for gun trading for your area to get the best deal. That said, gun shows are good places to buy bulk ammo and cheap mags.

    I've got 2 AK47s, one's a WASR10 and one that I built myself from a parts kit, and I got a 92FS pistol. Great guns.

  2. Civilians having guns are illegal in my country. I feal bad for not having one. :(