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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm on my computer when I hear my cat throwing up, so I get up and turn the light on to watch. As I stand there appreciating the process of her creating the vomit pile, she gives an encore and starts another smaller less impressive one. After finishing, she stares at it and I stare at her. I pretend that she feels bad for making a mess on my floor, so I pet her a couple of times to let her know that it's alright.

Being that I'm a person who doesn't want vomit relaxing and sipping on some juice on my floor, I decide to clean it up. So I wander out into the hallway headed towards our backdoor to let my cat out in case she decides to have another round. It's dark and I can barely see, but I successfully let the cat out. I'm on my happy way to the paper towels until I smell something and feel my house shoes sliding in a manner that suggests fecal matter is having trouble deciding which surface to stick to.

I look back towards the backdoor and see some darker shapes among the floor in the dark. After turning on the light, you can imagine my response to the dog crap on the floor.


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  1. I know that feeling. My dog leaves all kind of surprises in the backyard.