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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chili Conundrum

This is the most artful I have ever been with my food.

     If you thought my post about Jolly Ranchers was the most boring thing you've ever read, wait until you read this. I'm about to break my own record in the "most lackluster blog post ever written" competition. After this, you're gonna see why the word 'Entertainment' being in my blog's header is deserving of an irony award. Maybe I'll change that sometime to something more "Text Rightfully Assigned Special Help" or T.R.A.S.H. for short. Enough of the self-deprecating humor, if you're ready to start snoring then I'm ready to get started.
     You're looking at a picture of something I ate a few nights ago. It's a bowl of chili and tortilla chips (and a few crackers) for all my blind readers out there. This would be a picture of just chili and crackers if we had an adequate number of crackers in stock at my time of eating this. Actually to be honest I doubt I would've posted a picture of just chili and crackers, that's not nearly as artful as my chili modded with tortilla chips. A rose is almost as beautiful as the picture you see above. I had to express my strong disapproval of said picture being put on show in a museum of art, as it would have made everything else look terrible.

     Oddly enough I don't care for chili by itself. I need an entire pack of crackers just for one bowl, or a healthy dose of tortilla chips. I often wonder if I'm eating chili and crackers because I wanted chili with crackers, or because I wanted crackers covered in chili. It's a philosophical conundrum that I should really rid my brain of, lest it explode. I also eat said meal with a fork, not a spoon. Not sure why, guess I'm just more of a fork guy. Except when it comes to cereal, eating cereal with a fork would be really awkward.

     Anyway, if you like chili then I would recommend trying out Hormel's Homestyle chili with beans if it's available where you live. I can't describe why it's good, but it is nonetheless. Other people seem to like it here too, it's often out of stock in the stores. Tell me what kind of chili you like in the comments if you have a favorite brand, and as always thanks for reading.

You can wake up now by the way, the blog post is over.


  1. Chili is good no matter how artistically it's prepared :p

  2. You can find similar design plates on 5star restaurants, what really cares at the end is the taste, not presentation.