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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Luckily I was able to snap a photo of a turkey.

One thing to look forward to about Thanksgiving is the great food. I can't even remember a Thanksgiving where plenty of turkey, stuffing (or dressing), mashed potatoes, corn, green beans and all sorts of other stuff I'm failing to mention wasn't readily available, and I'm thankful for that!

Unfortunately, Christmas really overshadows this holiday. If you've been looking around in stores or listening to the radio then you'll know exactly what I mean. Seems like Christmas starts getting celebrated much earlier than it comes around... what an attention hog. For that, it gets an ugly strike-through in this blog post.

Remember to be thankful for what you have, if you're reading this then you are probably lucky in ways that many others are not. That being said, I hope you eat some tasty food and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy thanks giving back to you!

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