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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brothers in Paws

Leo and Alex

Kirby and Alex

Oh Alex, you so photogenic.

It's raining outside, so I went out onto the porch to view what scenery there is around my house. The rain makes it so much easier to appreciate the beauty in things for me. My cats were hungry and crowding around me, so it was very easy to take pictures. Luckily I snapped a few good ones.

We have 9 cats in total, so there's a third of them pictured. I am a cat fanatic if you haven't guessed by now. We also have 6 dogs and a rabbit, it's pretty much a zoo around here. I don't like having so many animals around but my mother works at an animal care place, so they just end up here sometimes.

Well that wraps up this post, hope you enjoy the pictures. Anyone else think that one leaf in the third picture is shaped like a heart?

(Cheers to you if you can think of the popular lead movie characters Leo and Alex got their names from.)


  1. "brothers in paws", you made me smile and I'm feeling bad about it, bad joke man xD

  2. Leo and Alex looks pretty similar so I could really see that they are family. Kirby looks adopted though... and what's up with that vine?

  3. @Phrozen They aren't actually related haha, they could definitely pass as brothers though. The vine is a plant hanging above the picture I think.

  4. Nine do you differentiate between each? Tags or something?

  5. i know i know the movie...but i cant think of it!!!

  6. How adorable! Kirby looks a lot like my cat :)

  7. You didn't name them after a gay movie, did you?

  8. @Phrozen Not unless you consider 300 (Leo is short for Leonidas) and A Clockwork Orange to be gay!