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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Fantasy IX OST - Memoria

Any Final Fantasy IX fans out there?

Here's a song from the soundtrack that I find pretty relaxing. This is the song you hear at the Memoria area, if it wasn't already obvious. I'm not sure where I would rank Final Fantasy IX compared to the other games, but it's definitely no disappointment; in fact I'm pretty fond of it. This is one of the games I grew up watching an aunt of mine play, so it will always have its own special place along with the other games that I'll mention when I get to them.

Although I have to say, Zidane as a main character is less memorable than some of his counterparts. Squall and Cloud in comparison are much cooler in my opinion. Zidane appears to be part monkey or something, and that tail of his smacks me in the face every time I see it. I don't remember if it's ever explained in the game exactly what Zidane is. I could probably relate to him better if I had a tail.

That being said, all the male monkeys in the world probably idolize him for ending up with Garnet. (Yeah whatever male monkeys, Garnet is a better choice than a female monkey.)



  1. I like that song. Though, my favourite FF is 3. I don't know what you will say about that.

  2. @neatfit

    I've never actually played FF3 and haven't watched a Let's Play of it yet, but I've heard a lot of good things so I'm sure it's a great game. :)

  3. FFVIII all the way. But you already knew that. :D

  4. i was going to buy FFIX for a girl i know because she asked me. but then i realized im broke