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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Return...?

Original art here, folks. (shh, I know it's boring.)

Everyone still alive out there? Good!

I wonder what the record is for the longest overdue blog post of all time...this might be pretty high on the list. Anyway, today's topic is...hype! The world around us is constantly inventing and innovating new things for us to enjoy (or despise) and it's only natural to be excited for what is just around the corner-- whether it's a medical breakthrough, technological invention, or even just a new video game. Anticipation can be a rather big part of the equation of what makes life worth living. If you don't have hope, then what do you have? Not much.

I saw a Youtube video today of some new hoverboard technology being tested-- to be honest it didn't look extremely impressive and the prototype (I'm assuming?) was really loud. But hey, it was actually floating off the ground and even stayed that way when somebody stepped onto it. Small steps, people. Small steps. Who hasn't dreamed of owning a hoverboard to cruise around on? I know I have. (Thanks a lot, Back to the Future!) Heck, even Segways are a little cool. If you're interested in this technology you better start saving up today, I imagine they are going to be very pricey.. especially at first.

Personally I'm hyped for the Super Smash Brothers 4 release on the Wii U next month. I know it was released for the 3DS already but I just can't see myself playing the game on a handheld, mostly due to the controls. I'm a die-hard Gamecube controller user. Good on the people who have gotten enjoyment out of the portable release though. I've been playing since the N64 version, I remember when I saw Melee being released for Gamecube and was excited that Bowser would be playable...of course he ended up being rather clunky and slow. Because of that, I didn't play him much and gravitated towards Marth and Falco/Fox. Smash Brothers has been the only fighting game I can say I'm decent at, but I'm out of practice at the moment so we'll see how I do online against players next month.

Maybe we'll see some global smash scores posted up in here.

That wraps it up for now, so stay awesome and have a happy Halloween! Who is excited for what nowadays?

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